Who I Am - Memorial Day Tribute

During jury selection, it’s common for lawyers to mention that American soldiers died to protect the defendant’s rights. Although I’ve never served in the military, I believe this to be true. When I asked my father-in-law, a Vietnam Veteran, to share his thoughts, he said, “Absolutely. Protecting our freedom is the only thing that makes sense when you’re in the middle of it.”

Who I Am

Hatred’s wrath sets the stage. 

Blood, bullets, death, fuel the rage!

Self last, vision blurred. 

Their life,

Their sacrifice,

Their mission,

All depend on the Captain’s words.

They are so young.

And so gung-ho!

The concept of a warrior, is what they’re sold. 

They give themselves without applause. 

They will rage in the battle for their country’s cause.  

While they are young, becoming old is part of the plan. 

They see things we wouldn’t understand. 

They’ll live forever live, with the cold death of man. 

The led whirls by them!

There’s no time to wait!

They are the target of our enemy’s hate. 

They fight for the dead, and their memory’s weight. 

Adrenaline and blood keep ‘em on the go.

The possibility of life, chanced by their flow.

They’ll never know joy, in the fact that we won.

They pray for the mother, as her soldier passes over the sun.

Here in the mud, the booklet does not tell. 

Their senior trip to a dungeon in hell.

But they’ll fight the fight.

Their will is keen.

For you to never suffer tyranny, is their heart’s only need.

Yet while they fight, KNOW, they also die!

But they spare us the pain, in their hardened red eyes.

They are here to fight, until they last.

So you’ll never travel down

war torn paths.

So you never incur an evil man’s wrath!

To hell with theories, and the timid soul.

They fight for us, despite the toll.

America is theirs!

With it, their bold!

Their reward is the honor of a sacrificial role. 

They will die for this country, until they’re dust.

They are the shield, from dark men’s lust.

Don’t forsake them.

For you, they are bolder!

They will always die for peace!

They are the American soldier!

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Attorney John H. Nix’ poems mimic his style of legal representation. His poetry is concise, thoughtful, and artful yet unpretentious.