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The John Nix Law Office is a bilingual criminal and civil law firm in Sherman, TX. Comprehensive representation for all of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Attorney John Houston Nix


Former Texas Criminal District Attorney and Assistant General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.


As an award-winning attorney, the difference is clear: Every moment of every day, we are working for our clients.


With over 50 years of combined experience, we will all work together to make sure you have the strongest case possible.

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Each of our clients has not only the benefit of the highest level staff, but also the luxury of having their case analyzed and represented by a former Criminal District Attorney and Assistant General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

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The entire John Houston Nix Law Office is dedicated to restoring your life, inside and outside of the courtroom. 

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We truly believe that representation starts when you hire us, and simply waiting for your case to appear on a court docket is a waste of time. As they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."



Every client is unique. We work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your legal needs.



We analyze your case and look at every possibility to determine the best outcome, in and out of the courtroom.



Using every tool at our disposal, the entire John Nix Law office immediately begins working on your customized plan.

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We are proud to offer virtual consultations, meetings, and online payments.

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Virtual Consultations & Meetings

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Legaler is designed specifically for legal professionals. It is a unique solution that does not require any additional software to install. It just works.

Audio and video meetings are encrypted using AES-128 keys dynamically throughout to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. Data is stored in an encrypted state on AWS’s military-grade servers, rendering it useless to security threats.

Online Payments

LawPay by Wells Fargo Bank is recommended by the American Bar Association as a vetted and recommended payment solution for the legal industry. Over 50,000 lawyers and 135,000 legal professionals have chosen LawPay as a preferred method of payment.

Protection is at the highest level possible, exceeding standards for internet security and PCI Level 1 compliance. Multiple points of encryption are part of every transaction, keeping your information away from threats.

With over a decade of experience in payment technology, LawPay knows what it takes to keep data secure. All payments are managed through LawPay’s proprietary card vault to maximize security.

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important things you should know

Nuestros abogados y personal hablan español para que podamos servirle mejor a usted y a nuestra comunidad latina.

Call us immediately. We are one of the few firms who can write bonds for our clients in North Texas. We incorporate your bond fees into your retainer fee so you don’t have to pay for a lawyer and a bond company.

We are fully capable of meeting via a computer or mobile through a secure portal. We can schedule conference calls and in certain circumstances come to you.

If you’ve been seriously injured by a vehicle, machinery, a company, or another person you need to hire an attorney immediately before the insurance company, company, or individual starts to build a case against you.

If you have been contacted by police, we believe you need a lawyer.

If you believe your spouse will file a family law action, or already has, you need a lawyer.

We are sorry you have been injured and hope you are recovering well. Since John has extensive experience in personal injury cases, he knows how to get results fast. Contact us as soon as possible and see why Texomans choose John to help them fight. Visit the Personal Injury Law area of our website to learn more.

A custody arrangement can be changed without going to court if both parents agree with the change (uncontested). If an agreement cannot be reached, then the court will decide (contested). The arrangement can also be changed by “default” if the other parent does not respond after being served or appear in court. Visit the Family Law area of our website to learn more.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events you and your family may experience. In any type of divorce, the complexities of the law, the amount of decisions required, and simply knowing there are many unknowns can overwhelm anyone. We understand this and respect the strength required during a divorce. When you choose us, you are choosing a firm that has the experience and compassion that you deserve. Visit the Family Law area of our website to learn more.