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“I truly want to help you on every level you want me to – whether that means in the courtroom or helping restore your life as a whole.”

Attorney John Houston Nix
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  • Licensed by the Supreme Courts of Texas and Oklahoma
  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • Recognized by Texas Monthly in the area of Criminal Law
  • Twice elected President of Grayson County Criminal Defense Bar
  • Elected President of Grayson County Bar Association
  • Obtained the rare distinction of an Appellate Acquittal in Scott vs. State
Texas Christian University
Oklahoma City School of Law
Attorney for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
1999 - 2001
Texas Criminal District Attorney
1999 - 2001
2001 - Present
Private Practice
2001 - Present

Attorney John H. Nix 

I’m from the small farming town of Lamesa in West Texas. Pretty much everything about Lamesa shaped me – good and bad. My father was a farmer who desperately wanted his children to become lawyers. His wish came true. When I graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law, I was incredibly lucky to obtain a job with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau was an amazing place and one of the true pioneers in law enforcement. We assisted with prosecutions all over the State of Oklahoma and oversaw every aspect of the operation.

Gaining Invaluable Experience
We assisted in investigations and helped the Crime Lab with blood analysis as well as other types of evidence. We oversaw all of the criminal records in the state and processed thousands of record expungements. All of us training at the Bureau received an invaluable law enforcement skill set. This position at the Bureau was excellent training for a young lawyer who intended to move into the criminal defense arena, and it allowed me to have law enforcement contacts all over Oklahoma.

Back to Texas
A native Texan, I decided to move back to Texas. I wanted the opportunity to spend as much time in the courtroom as I could, so I applied for a position with the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office. Looking back, and since I deal with prosecutors on a daily basis, my time in the D.A.’s Office was invaluable because I learned their tactics, their stresses, the way they’re taught to see cases. I made contacts with North Texas law enforcement who allowed me to handle and try any case you could imagine.

Striking Out on His Own
When I left the D.A.’s Office, I started my business in Sherman. Because I learned to speak Spanish when I was younger, I focused a lot of my practice on Immigration Law. I used my criminal law experience to assist people going through deportation hearings in the Federal Immigration Court as well appeals, applications for asylum, and removal cases all over Texas. My main focus, however, has always been on criminal law and it has been a lot of fun. Most people will often tell you – and I believe this is true – to hire a good criminal lawyer to handle your divorce. In light of this, we have developed a very healthy family law practice. You can see the various distinctions if you look to the left. We’ve been very successful, and along the way we’ve represented people including Randy Travis, college and professional athletes, college coaches, and multimillion dollar corporations. But our practice is primarily geared to people just like you and me, and it is a true blessing to finish a case and be able to call a client a friend.

Knowledge, Experience, Compassion.
I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, and my law practice is a representation of who I was and who I am. I’ve been down hard roads just like you, and a lot has changed over the years. Today I truly understand people’s struggles much better. I can empathize with my clients, and I consider every client part of a spiritual journey. I truly want to help you on every level you want me to – whether that means in the courtroom or helping you restore your life as a whole. Today, along with my God, and my family, your success is truly what helps me.

Thank you all for reading about me, and I truly hope you will give us a call.

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