Lawyer’s Lament 

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North Texas and Southern Oklahoma Attorney

Well it’s docket call again  
Here I sit with my file, minimizing my client’s sin
The stories seem to blur, when they’re told time and time again 
The State has to many cases to really talk about
We’ll just have to pass, while my client whines and pouts  

Well we’re back again, and my stories been told twice
But the DA’s up for re-election, so she can’t appear too nice  
The offer is really way too high
My 50 year old co-dependent client looks to his mother, “Mom I don’t know why!”

I can see the looks, they’re staring back my way
Why aren’t you doing your job?
We refuse to pay!
Well your blood was .30 
And you did kick the cop  
I’m sure a jury will love you
“I know, get it dropped!”

I wish you’d pay your fee, because your being called to trial  
For when a lawyer has been paid, it invokes a lot of style  
It’s hard for me to like you, but the Canons hold my feet  
Please respect my protection, that keeps you on the streets  

Oh, what I life we’ve chose 
It really makes you think  
Somehow you’ve gotta square it  
Or you’ll succumb to the drink  
Try your best to live your life  
Try not to take it home  
Though it beats us down, it’s the life we chose  
Think of the good you do  
Try not to gripe and moan  

Every now and then, you’ll find one who appreciates  
And it’s for them we do, what we sometimes hate  
Twenty five years have passed, and I’ve yet to find a solution  
I’ll guess I’ll keep it rollin, for the good ole’ Constitution

Written by Attorney John H. Nix