Criminal Defense

Our goal is an acquittal, charge reduction, or dismissal of your case

Looking back, and since I deal with prosecutors on a daily basis, my time in the D.A.’s Office, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and Texas & Oklahoma Law Enforcement was invaluable because I learned their tactics, their stresses, the way they’re taught to see cases. I made contacts with North Texas law enforcement who allowed me to handle and try any case you could imagine.

Experience is the key

Facing criminal charges can be a terrifying, life-changing experience. There are legal, social, personal, and financial ramifications that must be handled in addition to the charge itself. Your best bet at proving your innocence is to hire an attorney with experience under his belt who is willing to relentlessly fight for your rights.

We know where the law ends and your rights begin

We know how to fight.

Sherman TX Attorney

A former Prosecutor

Mr. Nix has worked for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and has previously worked as a prosecutor in both Oklahoma and Texas. He is able to use his use his knowledge of criminal prosecution to develop solid legal strategies in building an argument for your defense.

It is our office’s goal to fight for an acquittal, charge reduction, or dismissal of your case. And we will work ceaselessly until we achieve our aim.

we know what is at stake

We realize when you face criminal charges of any sort – drug charges, violent crimes, gun crimes – your future is at stake. This sort of record could very well effect future employment, and doors to other opportunities could be shut forever, as well.

Because we are able to realize this, and because we understand that there are often very complex reasons behind people’s actions, The John Nix Law Office is here to aggressively challenge the evidence and charges against you.

“We will not learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”

Samuel Houston